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Well, first of all I want to say that YES that’s me. Censorship bands are like my “intanGble” label. This is because when I create a piece, no matter how much I use sight, touch -especially when I make textures and digitize them-, the voice -only when I sing while I create the piece LOL-, at the end of the day, the concept and the emotion that I want to convey comes from the inside :green_heart::brain: And from the inside comes the feelings (obviously haha) that the observer will have. Bands mainly express that I inhibit my environment to let myself go through the creative process.

Basically, what I want to convey is that no matter what you see, say or hear, what’s really important to me here, is that when you have a creation in front of you what matters is what you feel with THAT piece and WHY you connect with it. I want to emphasize that here I am no longer referring to my pieces, I am speaking in general artistic terms.

More why's soon...

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